Rehabilitation of Adductor-related groin pain

Posted: July 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

Resolve any biomechanical issues that may hinder progression through the stages of rehabilitation- Lumbar spine stiffness, hip restrictions etc.

Treatment principals:

▪   Ensure that all exercise is performed without pain.

▪   Identify and reduce the sources of increased load on the pelvis.

▪   Improve lumbopelvic stability.

▪   Strengthen local muscles using proven protocols.

▪   Progress the patient’s level of activity based on regular clinical assessment.

Get the patient exercising early. Initially this may involve mostly static work and when they’re able for it progress onto more dynamic exercises. Focus on a lot of stability and control of the pelvis, strengthening of glutes and once pain has settled and muscle shortening has been corrected, strengthening of the adductors can commence.

(Please see attached video for rehab exercises)

Lateral Slide exercise.Lateral Slide exercise.     

Adductor Squeeze Exercise.Adductor Squeeze Exercise.

Return to running.

Once the athlete can jog in straight lines for 20 mins progress onto 100m runs broken up into 10m acceleration /decelleration runs. Perform 8 lengths and walk back. This can be progressed onto 20 lengths with a jog back inbetween. They can then move onto figure of eight runs. Ensure adequate rest (2-3 days initially) inbetween running sessions.

Monitoring the programme:

Patients perform the squeeze test after the running and again the next morning. If pain levels increase intensity levels must be altered.

To optimise chances for successful rehabilitation:

Supervision is important, especially in the first week or two. If your confident that their  technique and loading is correct, they can do the exercises at home with the therapist checking in every 10-14 days.

Let pain be your guide. If exercises make it sore, the intensity needs to be adjusted.

Be patient. Successful rehab of chronic groin pain takes a minimum of 8-12 weeeks.

Thanks to Tommy Brennan at Active Physical Therapy for this information post.

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