Explosive Weightlifting for Field Sports Athletes and Coaches

Posted: January 7, 2014 in Upcoming Events
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Kevin D’Arcy,MSc. Physio, MISCP, CPSEM, CPMT, CSCS, WIL1,
Chartered Physiotherapist, Strength and Conditioning Specialist, International Level Olympic Weightlifting Coach will provide a seminar in utilising the explosive lifts as training methodologies for field sports.
As a competive lifter Kevin has many times broken Irish records, won 7 Irish titles and many times been been the top lifter in Ireland. He has also been the only Irishman to win a British title, to compete in World University Games, many times European Senior Championships and has coached Internationally for Ireland.
Previously working as a S&C coach with Scottish premier League, he currently works with both Connacht rugby and Galway GAA offering specialised Olympic Weightlifting coaching amoungst other services.
Kevin learned the best components of Olympic Lifting training when spending time training with the Polish Olympic team including World record holders for extended periods of time and has also trained extensively in Ukraine where he learned the well reknowned Soviet weightlifting system.
Kevin D'Arcy 14/8/2011
He combines this practical experience with his academic knowledge as a S&C Specialist and Chartered Physiotherapist to bring a very well integrated use of explosive movements to team sports.
This seminar will address:
1: Why we use Olympic weightlifting movements.
2: Choice of Olympic lift variantions for sporting performance.
3: Mobility requirements for various explosive lifts.
4: Warm up drills for explosive lifting.
5: Practical coaching and practice of snatch variations.
6: Practical coaching and practice of clean variations.
7: Practical coaching and practice of jerk/overhead varitions.
8: How and when to include these movements in our sports conditioning programs.
9: Practical coaching and practice of back squat, deadlift & bench press
10: Questions and answers section.
It is limited to the first 15 people and it will be our cheapest seminar as its the first one before we go nationwide with it.

Location- Longford Town, Athlone Road

 Price- 69 Euro only 

Date- 2nd February workshop 1- 9am to 2.30 ( 3 spots left) 


Workshop 2 on same day from 3.30pm to 8.30pm(2 spots left)



If you would like more details then please email us at ire_sca@yahoo.ie

  1. X00085705 says:

    Hi James

    Happy new year to yourself and thank you for the email below.

    I am writing to you as I received an email from you with the link for the Duncan French workshop drop-box but when I opened it it was empty.

    Would you mind resending the workshop information to me via email or another drop-box link.

    Kind regards

    Mark O` Connell.


  2. Fit Club 24 says:

    Hi Guys

    I have just stumbled across your workshop details. It looks fantastic and I would love to be there but I have all ready enrolled for a coarse on the 2nd in Dublin. Could you please keep us informed of any up and coming coarses and I would greatly appreciate it.

    Kind Regards
    Mark Nolan

    085 1962229

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