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Edel’s Journey to GREATNESS at Peak fitness and Performance Centre Longford.

With Edel’s transformation at PFP going viral she has been inundated with messages of support from members and also messages from people outside of PFP looking for advice on what she eats to get lean along with what training she was doing to get the body she wanted.


Edel has kindly wrote for a mini blog for everyone at PFP

Any fitness or nutrition Questions for Edel or coaches then please leave them below in comments section.

Take it away Edel…….

I was stuck in a rut and had been needing to start something to get into shape for weeks. I needed to get back into a good space both mentally and physically. I’d tried many shortcuts to get results before and to be honest wanted a quick fix but they always put me back to square one, if not worse than when I started. I tried the usual classes around the area but started seeing PFP on Facebook and it kept getting my attention by the loud, no nonsense approach to getting in shape.

Like starting anything new in a strange environment its very hard for us ladies especially to join something new but I knew I had to take the plunge. Several negative thoughts went through my head like..

  1. I wouldn’t know anyone there
  2. Would I be fit enough to do these training sessions at PFP?
  3. I didn’t want to go alone

So my brain was giving me all these negative feelings and telling me not go and make a change for the good but I fought the brain and got in contact with James on the PFP Facebook page who urged me to come and try it out.

I never made it in that day and he contacted me a day later again to make sure I came in or he would drag me in kicking and screaming (win Free membership here)

When I walked into PFP I was greeted by the coach and several other members who where all really nice and supportive before the session even started which put me at ease right away. I was looking at them thinking ‘God I’m so unfit I’m going to die here’ but they all started the same as me and went through what I did which was encouraging to hear.

I was dreading it and very conscious that I would be way behind everyone in the class, but the coaches simplified the exercises for me which was very personal and supportive!!!

No one judged me, everyone was so supportive and really encouraged me. Class was tough but I got through it.

I remember leaving the first class and getting into the car thinking ‘God I should have came here sooner’ and it wasn’t anything like I expected it to be and I’m definitely coming back.

One major thing that stood out for me was the buzz and friendliness about the gym and the way other members interacted with each other and motivated each other.

I started off first going to 2 classes a week and that started to build up gradually to 3/4 classes per week and now I’m going to 6 classes a week (provided my body is able and I get adequate recovery between sessions)

As for my asthma I haven’t touched an inhaler in weeks!! ‪#‎winning

So I’m going to PFP for a about 5/6 weeks and had the gym buzz going and then coach James took me in for a chat about my eating habits/nutrition and to have a look at my diet to see where improvements could be made.

His main message to me was to make small changes each week for a number of weeks and after 12 weeks I will have made a radical change to my whole lifestyle in-terms of training, eating habits and lifestyle choices.

He showed me how to live the 80/20% rule which suited me perfectly as I like to go out at the weekends with friends and family for nice food and have a few beers so that was my 20% there. (win Free membership here)

My diet has been completely transformed from what it was over a year ago and a big lesson I can give is to not worry about the small things and think about the bigger picture and how you want to get there.

–1 bad meal doesn’t make you fat as 1 good meal doesn’t make you lean—

I know for a fact if I had of woke up and decided that I’m going to completely change my diet, lifestyle and start a fitness journey all the same day I would fail and probably still be trying to find quick fixes.

Hard work and consistency is key to all this and knowing and trusting the process you are on to get you there.


So my typical training day nutrition would look like this, it changes daily with different meals and intakes of carbs, protein and fats.

-5:50am Pre Workout Banana & Kinetica Pre fuel


-8:00am Post workout – Kinetica Strawberry sundae protein shake

-8:45am 3 eggs scrambled, 2 turkey rashers, Spinach & tomatoes all cooked on coconut oil.

Drink 2/3 cups of hot water with lemon (breakfast is always prepared night before as don’t have time for cooking in mornings)

-Morning Break: 3 heaped table spoons of fage Greek Yoghurt, mix into this is 3 crushed oat cakes and chopped fruit and nuts

-Lunch: 3 egg muffins (mixed veg and bacon)) 2 crackers with cottage cheese all on a bed of spinach, onions and tomatoes

-Snack: 2x slices Homemade chocolate protein oat bread & grapes/blueberries

-Dinner: Peri Peri Baked salmon with roast veg and rice

-Snack: peanut butter & oat cakes

Supplementation list

^fish oils

^protein powder

^Vitamin D3

^pre workout

All food is cooked with coconut oil! Limiting myself to 1 cup of coffee per day and instead I’m drinking hot water with lemon/herbal teas.

Tried the koyu Matcha green tea and love it and I’m always drinking water throughout the day.

(This is just a typical day and like I said it changes to day to day but I will always have it planned ahead and know where my next meal comes from)

I’ve attached some pictures of the foods I eat for people looking for new ideas.

So many people have been emailing, texting and calling me about the results I have achieved which is great and inspiring and I hope you can take something from this mini blog I decide to write.

edel blog

Id like to thank everyone at PFP and the support of all the coaches too. Keep up the good work everyone.

Enjoy the journey and love every minute of it.

Edel x

Ps you can follow Edel on Instagram where she is forever posting pics of food and the odd selfie

Contact us on 0861677045 for more details about joining. 



One day workshop for club football players looking to train like inter county football players and get the extra EDGE!

We are putting on a 1 day only Strength and Conditioning PRACTICAL workshop for GAA CLUB PLAYERS looking to get the competitive edge while hitting the pitch in top physical condition come championship.

You will walk away from this workshop with your very own TRAINING PROGRAM to follow for 4 weeks while confident to know what your doing in the gym/pitch is right to make progression in the gym and transferring it onto the playing field. Phiily, myself and Peter will cover as much as possible to help you become better athlete. There will be a full on session for attendees do so get a fair idea of what the guys at the top are doing.

This is for players who are serious about getting FASTER, STRONGER, FITTER & POWERFUL.

We have 2 inter county players who are also top Strength and Conditioning Coaches to present at the 1 day intensive workshop.




Phily Mc Mahon (Dublin & Ballymun Kickhams) 2 All Ireland football titles with Dublin & reached the All Ireland Club football championship final in 2013 with the Mun.


peter foy 1

Peter Foy (Longford & Longford Slashers) Peter is one of the best athletes I have ever trained and you will be blown away by his condition he maintains during In-Season. (Often seen in our training videos)



These 2 coaches/players are both in top physical condition while having over 20 years training experience combined.

Both are also Strength and Conditioning coaches who do this for a living with various teams.
The workshop will be held in Longford in our training facility. Each player will receive a 4 week training plan to take home and will be put through a training session on the day.

Content to be covered on the day but isn’t limited.

1. Warmups/Cool Downs. What you should and should be doing for warmups to prep you for the training session ahead (foam rolling/Active release, Mobility, Dynamic Movement, Static Stretching)

2. Power Training (Plyos-bounds, hops, landing, jumping, loaded jumps, med balls, ladder drills, hurdles etc)

3. Strength Training (Barbell and Dumb-bell training you should be doing and exercise selection)

4. Speed Training

5. Conditioning to improve fitness and body composition

6. Recovery sessions (post game)

7. Nutrition/supplementation/pre game performance supplements, body fat assessments for all players.

8. Mental Preparation for games/training

9. Training Session for attendees to show how the guys at the top train

The workshop is limited with high practical content and training session for attendees and places are secured through the following link below.

We have 8 places remaining and is suitable for both female and male GAA players.

Cost: 167 Euro

Time: 10am-4/5pm

Location: Longford

Date: 7th June

Dan-BakerDan Baker Strength & Conditioning Workshop We are delighted to announce we have Dan coming to Ireland to deliver 2 day workshop for us. It will be Dan’s first time in Ireland and he can’t wait to get over to present his vast knowledge of experience with you. Anyone in the Strength and Conditioning circles knows of Dan Baker and its going to be full for the 2 days. Dan will be covering everything from athletic development in young athletes, strength and power training in amateur/professional sports, in and out of season programming, cross training, endurance development, bands and chains and their use in sports training and much, much more.   Turning Athletes into Hardened Professional Athletes the Australian Way A quick overview on some of the presentations/practicals Dan will touch on over the 2 days.   Presentation 1: Preparation Not Annihilation An Overview of Dans view LTAD with an emphasis on the resistance training progressions. In this session: Dan will go through an overview of LTAD, the Australian system of athlete development, reasons why child and youth athletes get injured and/or give up sports/training, what has been done in Australia to create best practices, with an emphasis on physical competency and controlling load.   Practical 1: Child/Youth Training Emphasizing the Right Start with Bodyweight Exercise This session will entail six methods to optimise the primary bodyweight exercises for athletic development.

  •  Push-up
  •  Pull-up
  •  Squat
  •  Split leg
  •  Plank
  •  Sit-up

Presentation 2: Training to Compete with the Big Boys Dan will look at the resistance training progressions necessary to undertake before advanced methods of strength and power training are embraced in addition to discussing the theoretical aspects of band and chain training. Basically this presentation looks at progressions in programming. This includes progressions in periodisation (cycle) structure, as well as exercises, sets, reps, volumes and intensities. Practical session 2: How to set-up and use Band and Chains How to use bands and chains for strength, power and size with amateur and professional athletes Presentation 3: Advanced Power Training This lecture will present data upon the following Dan’s research into the effects of different power training variations and hence why Dan uses or recommends certain techniques or strategies: The following will be discussed:

  • Negative acute effects of high reps upon power output
  • Full acceleration exercises such jump squats and bench throws
  • Timed-rep sets
  • Contrast load complexes
  • Agonist & antagonist contrasting muscle action complexes
  • Cluster sets
  • Drop sets
  • Bands & chains

Dan will also go through some of the programs he used at various times at the Broncos, including Gen. Prep., Spec. Prep. for both NRL and NYC (U/20 yrs). The difference in programming between NRL and NYC will be discussed in the context of the previous lectures. Practical 3: Advanced Power Training Methods Practical This session will entail a practical of:

  • Negative acute effects of high reps upon power output and the positive effects upon power output of
  • Full acceleration exercises such jump squats, bench throws
  • Timed-rep sets
  • Contrast load complexes
  • Agonist & antagonist contrasting muscle action complexes

Presentation 4: In-season training – Aggressive maintenance In this session, Dan will go through the evolution of his Wave Method for in-season training, results from 20 -years for in-season maintenance of strength & power.  Dan will also go through some of the programs he used at various times at the Broncos, including during Finals series and Grand Final weeks. Presentation 5: Energy system fitness training In this session, Dan will go through current trends in training for energy system fitness. If you train athletes who run or fight, this may be the most important lecture you attend, as the following will be discussed, with concrete recommendations:

  • DContinuous training V interval training
  • Maximal aerobic speed (MAS)
  • Intermittent Field Test : IFT- 30:15
  • Anaerobic Speed Reserve (ASR)
  • Small sided games (SSG)
  • Circuits & strongman type training
  • Interaction and/or progression in these different training modes

Presentation/Practical 6: This will be left for attendees to decide Anyone who books on the 2 day workshop can you please send us an email on what you would like covered that isn’t mentioned above and Dan will happily put something together to present and go though in practical too. We want this lead by the attendees on the day too so everyone can walk away from spending time with Dan and be able to implement material to whoever they work along side or clients. 

Location: Ireland Strength Conditioning Midland Centre
Gem Business Park
Athlone Road
Co. Longford
Date: 11th 12th October
Times: 9am – 5pm
Places: SOLD OUT 40/40
Food, snacks and refreshments will be provided over the weekend 

We will be going for food on the Saturday night with Dan so it will give everyone a chance to network and chat business and training. If anyone is looking for somewhere cheap to stay on the saturday night here is the best and only spot   dan 1 Dan Baker is one of the worlds leading authorities upon strength and power training for sports athletes. A PhD in sports science specializing in the testing and training of strength and power,he has the scientific knowledge and practical know how to implement effective strength and power training for sports athletes. Unlike most Phd’s he does not work as a full-time lecturer or in a laboratory – he trains athletes. No science bullshit – just the stuff that works.Some things about Dan Baker As a strength & conditioning coach: Former strength and power training coach of the Brisbane Broncos Rugby league team since 1995 (title winners 1997, 1998, 2000, 2006) Former champion powerlifter and powerlifting coach Strength and Conditioning Coach to elite international and national level athletes in the following sports – rugby league, rugby union, powerlifting, diving, soccer, track & field, netball, mixed martial arts to name a few A Level 3 Strength and Conditioning Coach and Master Coach of Strength and Conditioning as recognized by the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association As an Educator and Mentor for strength & conditioning coaches Dan is the National President of the Australian Strength & Conditioning Association (ASCA) which is the not-for-profit body recognized by the Australian Federal Government to educate and accredit strength & conditioning coaches within Australia. Dan continues to lecture to all levels of ASCA coaches, from Level 1 beginner Coaches through to the Level 3 Elite Athlete Coaches. Dan is a sought after Educator of Strength & Conditioning Coaches because he makes the science easy and tells it straight. The practical implementation is what it is all about. Life memberships In Australian sport and social life, the “Club” is important. Dedicated club members are sometimes bestowed an honour titled “Life Member” for endless hours of dedicated work on behalf of the Club or Organization. Dan has three Life Memberships. Dan is a Life Member of the ASCA. Dan is a Life Member of North Kirra Surf_Lifesaving Club Dan is a Life Member of the University of Queensland Powerlifting & Weightlifting Club.

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 16.34.09Duncan French video Presentations and PDF’s now available for download.


Strength and conditioning coaches and sports scientists need to stay on top of current practise with regards to research and applied methodology in all areas associated with the profession.

This workshop will bring together the presenters extensive experience and research background in the field of strength and power development to give the participant a thorough overview of the current research and application of basic to advanced strength and power methods and key planning considerations to support these methods. Duncan will also be shairng information from the up and coming 2013 UKSA  conference that he has worked massivley on throughout the last 9 months to bring the best and up to date content.

Duncan is currently lead Strength and Conditioning Coach for the North West region of the English Institute of Sport where he works with GB Taekwondo.He is also Chairman of the United Kingdom Strength and Conditioning Association (UKSCA). Previous roles have included Head of S&C  for premiership football club Newcastle United, Lead S&C coach for GB Basketball and many other consultancy and academic roles within well regarded institutions.


  • Current research and application on periodisation and planning for strength and power
  • Power development key considerations and current research
  • Hypertrophy key considerations and current research
  • Application of strength and power training within high performance environments such as Premiership football and olympic sports.
  • Training for strength considerations including basic, intermediate and advanced methods both theory and application. Some of these methods include but are not limited to:
  • Cluster training theory and application
  • Occlusion training theory and application
  • Complex training and post activation potentiation (PAP)


High Performance Strength and Conditioning:  An applied perspective- A unique look at the presenters experience with S&C at the highest level of sport. It’s not an ideal scenario, Duncan works within a team and the application of our ‘ideal’ model of delivery. This practical session will illustrate some of these concepts.

Strength and power methods- Get under the bar! The participants will experiment with some of the methods outlined in the lectures and experience them for themselves.

What you will get in the download is the following 

  • Video footage of both Presentations that was presented on the day in the lecture room along with PDF’s.
  • Video footage of both floor practical presentations that was given in the gym
  • Lecture presentations PFD’s on nearly 6 hours of Video content available to download for only 49 euro.

You will also receive up to 30 extra PDF’s on training/nutrition/research cause we are feeling in a good mood.


frenchWith over 10 years experience as a strength and conditioning specialist, Duncan has a wealth of knowledge in the physical preparation of elite and high performance athletes.  He has coached athletes from a host of different sports at all levels, including professional sports, those competing to Olympic and World-class standards, NCAA athletes, and athletes affiliated to National Sports Institutes and Olympic Training Centres.

Duncan gained his Doctorate degree (PhD) in Exercise Physiology at the University of Connecticut, USA.  He has authored/co-authored over 40 scientific manuscripts and 5 book chapters in the fields of strength and conditioning and resistance exercise, and has presented work at scientific congresses and clinics throughout Europe, North America and Asia.  An editorial board member for the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research and the International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, Duncan was a founder member of the United Kingdom Strength and Conditioning Association (UKSCA).  He has sat on the Board of Directors for the UKSCA since 2008.

Duncan is a fully Accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach with the UKSCA, and hold Certified Strength and Conditioning (CSCS) status with Distinction from the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).  He holds USA Weightlifting Club Coach certification, and is an accredited sports scientist for research and support with the British Association of Sport and Exercises Sciences (BASES)

For 7 years Duncan was a Senior Strength and Conditioning Coach with the English Institute of Sport.  In 2006, Duncan was the Strength and Conditioning Coach to the England Basketball Men’s and Women’s national teams that won Bronze medals at the XVIII Commonwealth Games.  Following this success, Duncan acted as the National Lead for Strength and Conditioning to Great Britain Basketball for 6 years.  Duncan currently acts as the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach to Newcastle United FC in the English Premiership.

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 16.36.23

Leinster Rugby Elite Performance Conference

Part 1


Hi guys my name is Eoin Stanley and this blog is about the recent strength and conditioning conference from Leinster Rugby that took place at the end of October in the RDS Dublin 4.

Who am I, and why was I there? Based in Dublin and from Louth, I’m currently a student in Setanta College studying for a BA in S & C, I’ve been involved in the fitness/sports industry for the last 10 years, starting out with a NCEF level 1 qualification, also doing a level 2 in personal training, I have completed the IAWLA level 1 weightlifting and the IRFU CCC and I’m also a certified boxing coach.

I work with a number of senior/minor GAA and rugby teams and coach boxing conditioning classes for White Collar Boxing Ireland (cheap plugJ). Full time however I am a member of the Irish defence forces were I am also a physical training instructor. Enough about me….

I attended this conference as I thought it would be an invaluable source of knowledge for me and a great chance to get an insight into how an S & C team operate within a professional environment, I wasn’t disappointed.

The day started with the first lecture at 9:15am as stated on the itinerary, (these guys are strict on their times, as you’d expect) Brian Cullen of Dublin GAA fame and Leinster academy S&C coach MC’d the event and first up was Daniel Tobin the head of S & C, he spoke about the overall job of the S & C team which is to deliver fit and healthy players who are significantly conditioned to meet the demands of professional rugby,.

Programme planning and “bang for your buck”

Daniel spoke about maximising performance and plyometrics, about the type of training the players do and the different ways they are assessed and monitored to ensure what they are doing is working. From what I gathered every single rep, set, score, weight used etc… Is recorded and used to validate or improve the program, with each year’s results being compared to the previous in order for it to be continued or modified.

The counter movement jump is used as an indicator of power, with the players’ pre season score used as a base line; the score is measured on the RSI (reactive strength index). Daniel explained that the current trend in the squad is to perform a jump session of between 60 – 80 mixed jumps before a lifting session (compound training) and that this type of training along with monitoring the players RSI  and recognising how much volume is the optimal for performance is giving them the best results compared to say the 2009 season when complex training(i.e. heavy 3 rep squat followed immediately by box jumps) was widely used and actually led to scores lower than the players base line.

He also spoke about “Selective Priming” for certain players which is controlled by measuring there CMJ score pre match (morning or 90 mins before) if a player score was less than 90% baseline they found by having him perform a PAP’s session (post activation potentiating) which is in essence a “mini work out” they could get that player “primed” and ready to perform as opposed to being “flat” going into the game.

Two things however stuck in my mind,

  1. At club level where you as a coach may be very limited on time and or resources include jumps as part of the warm up, a lovely simple way of improving player performance without them even realising it.
  2. Box squats are the no.1 choice of squat within the squad, going back through all their data this exercise has given them the most bang for their buck, even for players who can perform a standard barbell squat perfectly they have gotten more from this reference strength, power, less injuries etc…

Please comment on your thoughts and opinions, and if you were at the conference and you see that I have left anything out please feel free to slate me………I mean add it in there J

Please read over the file “Leinster Rugby Final presentation” which I have posted on the Facebook group “Elite strength and conditioning”

Presentation slide for part 1.

Part 2 to follow along with relevant slides.